Set the Standard

Set the Standard

Setting the standard for dry fix ventilated ridge & hip

As 2018 comes to a close, our latest product feature focuses on Protect Fulmetal Rediroll, a unique and universal ventilated ridge and hip system that has been gaining plenty of interest in the roofing market over the last few months, for its ability to provide uninterrupted air flow to ensure the required 5000mm2/m free area of ventilation needed at the roof’s ridge. Manufactured completely out of aluminium and with a special hooded ventilation design to prevent water ingress, this means no plastic unions are required, thus ensuring there is no need to raise the ridge when using flat tiles or slates.  Supplied with stainless steel clips to provide a mechanical fix and even ridge tile spacing, this product is designed for quick installation and to prevent light bleed between ridges, screw sleeves are sold as part of the RediRoll pack.

Produced in the UK, this AA fire rated product has a 30+ year design life and is fully UV stable.  Importantly, the product is fully compliant with BS 8612:2018, the Dry Fix Standard for Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling.  This standard was launched earlier this year, fuelled by fast growth of the dry fix market and means a dedicated and recognised standard is available where performance requirements are specified for dry-fixed ridge and hip systems to ensure only the best products are installed.

Fulmetal RediRoll is ideal to twin with our market leading Protect VP400 Plus LR roofing underlay, our top performance product in terms of wind uplift, meeting Zones 1-5 at 345mm batten gauge.  Like Fulmetal RediRoll, Protect VP400 is fully conversant with the latest standards, conforming to BS 5534:2018 and does not need any additional shielding factors to calculate the load on the roof unlike some other underlay types in the market.

  • Supplied in 6m length, 300mm wide 

  • Universal – fits most ridges and hips, also suitable for mono ridge

  • Fully compliant with BS 8612:2018

  • All aluminium construction, designed for water resistance

  • Available in grey or terracotta

  • Produced in the UK, 30+ years design life