Bespoke Development Royston Case Study

Bespoke Development, Royston, Hertfordshire

DG Timber Solutions Ltd opted for
Protect Membranes to
manufacture and supply a range of
Construction membranes to
complete a bespoke development
in Royston, Hertfordshire.

The Challenge

The design of the house specified an
airtight and thermal efficient solution to
meet Building Regulations. The brief
for DGTS was to provide a highly
insulated (U-Values for walls/0.11 and
floors/0.13) envelope to the main steel
frame structure and concrete beam
and block floors to both ground and
first floor level. The dwelling floor area
was approx 700m2 broken up into
twelve rooms including a wet room,
gym, media room and library.

The Solution

DG Timber Solutions Ltd opted for four
specific membranes which when used
together would provide all round
protection resulting in an exceptionally
high standard of air-tightness and vapour
The Protect Construction Membranes
were chosen for their low emissivity
reflective surfaces to enhance thermal
performance and for their strength and
durability. The membranes were key
components for achieving lower U-Values
and because of their versatility and
flexibility in the whole of the construction

Protect TF200® high-performance
breather membrane was used to protect
the final wall construction prior to
installation of the cladding.
Protect VC Foil Ultra was used for two
reasons namely air tightness and to
improve thermal performance of the
timber framed wall.
Protect BarriAir prevented air leakage
and therefore helped the structure to
achieve its design thermal performance.
Lastly, Protect VP400 PLUS LR provided
a low vapour resistance barrier resulting in
the building being completely airtight.

Clive Darrington Director for DG Timber Solutions Ltd says; “DG Timber Solutions chose Protect Membranes as air-tightness and thermal performance was a key requirement on this project. Having worked closely with Protect Membranes over the last 15 years of membrane supply and development, when the client asked for assistance in making the build as airtight as possible, I had no hesitation in contacting Protect Membranes to ensure we used the best products available for this particular construction method”.

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