Protect Cavit-E Clip

PROTECT Cavit-E Clip

The Cavit-E cavity clip has been designed specifically for use with Protect VC Foil to enhance thermal performance of timber frame walls and warm roofs. When used with Protect VC Foil Ultra it improves the thermal performance without increasing the stud/rafter size or the overall thickness of the construction.

It has the added benefit of creating a cavity for services on the warm side of the insulation without compromising the integrity of the vapour control layer. The Cavit-E cavity clip is a sprung plastic section which fits a range of stud or rafter widths and is supplied in 2.2m lengths. 

  • Enhanced thermal performance (U-value).
  • Maximises internal floor areas.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Can be used with all insulation types but ideally suited for flexible fibrous and blown insulation.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Eliminates the need for stapling the vapour control layer.
  • Maintains the integrity of the vapour control layer and creates a low emissivity cavity and service void.

Cavity Cavit-E Clip