Protect Thermo Extreme Insulating Breather Membrane

Protect THERMO EXTREME Insulating Breather Membrane

Protect Thermo Extreme is a waterproof, low emissivity, highly reflective insulating breather membrane which enhances the thermal performance of walls constructed in timber frame, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels. Designed for buildings sited in severely exposed locations as specified in STA Advice Note 18, which are typically high altitude, open to high winds and on westerly coastal sites in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, where a Class W1 water penetration resistance is recommended.   

When Protect Thermo Extreme is installed into an unventilated airspace, this effectively blocks infra-red radiation, helping to deliver a low U-value for the wall.

  • Achieves Class W1 water resistance to BS EN 1928
  • Thermal resistance R value 0.77m2K/W (aged – incorporates printing)
  • 328% improvement in thermal resistance on horizontal wall heat flow when used in unventilated airspace, compared to membrane with no special treatment
  • Meets the permeability requirements recommended by TRADA and NHBC
  • Corrosion and damage resistant reflective surface
  • UV and heat stabilised, tough and durable
  • Further thermal efficiency can be obtained using Protect Thermo Extreme in conjunction with Protect TF InterFoil and Protect VC Foil insulating vapour control layer

Protect Thermo Extreme is both CE marked and BM TRADA Certified.

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