Protect VB200 Self-Adhesive AVCL


Protect VB200 is a multi-purpose, robust, adhesive backed double reflective air and vapour control layer (AVCL) for a wide range of applications, including flat warm roof constructions, walls, floors and ceilings when an adhesive bonding of the material to the substrate would be beneficial.  When used with an unventilated airspace such as in profiled metal decking, thermal enhancement can be achieved from the reflective rear of the membrane.  An additional thermal performance benefit can also be gained from the reflective front of the membrane if an unventilated airspace is utilised in front of it.

Cold applied, this bitumen-free alternative can be installed in many applications where an additional primer is not required, ensuring time and labour saving benefits and no additional curing time.  Lightweight, for ease of installation, the product’s integral adhesive backing is self-sealing, therefore ideally suited to modern methods of construction, including volumetric and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) where speed of installation is a key objective.

  • Delivers an airtight system for energy saving performance
  • Excellent air and vapour resistance to help avoid condensation risk
  • Tough and durable with high tear and puncture resistance
  • High tensile strength, yet easy to cut and lightweight
  • Can be walked upon straight after flat roof installation
  • Suitable for high humidity areas with high vapour loads
  • Unrestricted use in all wind zones (1-5) throughout UK and Ireland
  • Class W1 water penetration resistance for temporary flat roof weather protection