Three is the magic number for modern housing development

Three is the magic number for modern housing development

An innovative combination of three reflective, insulating and low emissivity construction membranes from Protect Membranes has been used to deliver the magic formula for a new build apartment scheme in Plymouth, Devon, helping achieve the key driver of energy efficiency and a low overall U-value for the wall construction.  Scheduled to be completed in September 2020, the development named Victoria Views @ Arundel Crescent delivers a modern living space, incorporating 24 apartments, with a range of one, two or three bedroomed property styles.

Protect TF200 Thermo external reflective breather membrane being installed to timber frame panels at Timber PAK’s factory.

Timber PAK (SW) Ltd, a specialist timber frame manufacturer was appointed by housebuilder Harrington Homes (SW) Ltd to construct closed wall panels at their offsite factory, followed by delivery and installation on-site.  The approved wall make-up incorporated Protect TF InterFoil, a vapour permeable, reflective membrane installed back to back with Protect VC Foil Ultra, an internal air and vapour control layer on the warm side of insulation. Both were faced into still airspaces to ensure low emissivity performance and help prevent heat loss in the structure.  Supported by the use of Protect TF200 Thermo, an external, reflective breather membrane, this three-membrane solution met the client’s target U-value of 0.19W/m2K and resulted in no increase on overall wall footprint.  This helped Timber PAK to reduce insulation material costs and ensure no impact on labour cost. 

Protect VC Foil Ultra, an internal air and vapour control layer, was used as part of the three membrane solution for the Victoria Views development.

Ron Luker, Director at Timber PAK (SW) Ltd commented “The innovative idea to use TF InterFoil within a cavity designed into the closed panel allowed us to achieve our target U-value and save money on insulation material. This is now one of our standard wall types for clients and I would recommend this product combination for the more onerous new build specifications.”

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