Millers Green Project

Millers Green Project, Heysham, Lancashire

Pears Roofing in Blackpool opted
for Protect Membranes and their
range of Roofing Underlays to
supply the Millers Green Project in
Heysham, Lancashire.

The project consisted of 54 new
build houses and they had the option
to choose from a range of different
roofing underlays currently in the

The Challenge

With Heysham being a large coastal
village facing the Irish Sea, any
project undertaken requires an
underlay that will withstand extreme
weather conditions that can prevail
especially in the winter and be able to
absorb the wind loads generated by
the unique topography of the location.

The Solution

Discussing the changes in BS 5534: 2014 with Pears Roofing, Protect Membranes were able to offer them the tried and tested solution of an ‘unrestricted use’ Vapour Permeable underlay in the form of VP400 Plus LR, more than capable of tackling the detrimental weather conditions blown
in from the Irish Sea. Protect VP400 Plus LR is a superior and highly vapour permeable roofing underlay for the use in warm and cold pitched roof construction, helping to prevent harmful condensation risk in the roof space in accordance with BS 5250: 2011. A complete weatherproof barrier with excellent nail tear and tensile strength properties, VP400 Plus LR is suitable for zones 1-5 at all batten gauges without the need to tape and seal the underlay laps.

Chris Pear, Director for Pears Roofing says;
“Pears Roofing chose Protect Membranes over other manufacturers membranes, because a roofing underlay that was ‘suitable for the job’ was key to the whole project. The decision to specify
Protect VP400 Plus LR was not only due to its strength, vapour permeability and price, but was the preferred choice as it worked in all zones at all batten gauges without the need to seal with tapes.”

Protect Membranes have been at the forefront of roof underlay development and testing to help manage wind uplift in roofs since 2004, and are able to offer complete guidance in terms of the correct specification of the roof underlay.
All Protect underlays are independently tested and certified by BM Trada with the required zone mapping on the roll label.

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