Protect BarriAir AVCL

Protect BarriAir Vapour Control Layer AND AIR BARRIER

Protect BarriAir with integrated lap and sealing tapes is a high performance and multi-purpose coated non-woven membrane which forms a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control qualities.

  • Suitable for timber frame, pre-cast concrete and traditional brick and block construction
  • Provides an airtight system when installed with sealed laps.
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss through the building fabric.
  • Improves the thermal performance of all insulants by reducing convection flows.
  • Tough, durable with high tear resistance.
  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle in 1.5 x 50m rolls (with integrated tape).
  • Now also available in 3 metre wide rolls (without integrated tape) - making it ideal for factory fitting.
  • Provides support to mineral wool and rock fibre when fixed to timber frame studs or rafters.
  • Helps to avoid interstitial condensation risk within insulation in accordance with BS 5250.
  • Integral sealing tapes on joints of 1.5m wide product.


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Protect BarriAir is CE marked.