Protect Cavit-E Tray


The Protect Cavit-E Tray is designed specifically for use with the insulating breather membrane - Protect TF InterFoil, to help enhance thermal performance of timber frame walls.  This translucent insulation spacer is used to create a circa 20mm still airspace cavity within the depth of the wall stud on either or both sides of fibrous insulation. Creating this cavity allows the reflective surface of Protect TF InterFoil to block infra-red radiation, increasing thermal performance and improving the overall U-value of a wall construction. This means reduced insulation costs within a typical 140mm deep timber stud section, moving from rigid, high density boards to 100mm or 120mm thick fibrous insulation.

  • Part of an innovative membrane system that delivers low U-values and high thermal efficiency
  • Creates 20mm cavity to ensure low emissivity performance
  • Supports reduction in insulation costs from rigid board to fibrous material
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in boxes of 50 to suit 600mm stud centres
  • Can be cut on-site to suit other sizes


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