PROtect VP400 PLUS LR vapour permeable  underlay

Protect VP400 PLUS LR is a highly vapour permeable roof underlay. It offers the lowest vapour resistance of any Type LR roofing underlay in its class, and yet it remains completely airtight. It is suitable for use in all pitched roofs.

  • Highly vapour permeable, but completely airtight.*
  • Completely watertight >7.0m water resistance.
  • Strongest underlay in its class/weight range.
  • UV and heat resistant.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Can be used as temporary roof covering.
  • Has unrestricted use for wind uplift in all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland. Suitable for zones 1-5 at 345mm batten gauge.
  • Helps to avoid condensation risk in the roof space in accordance with BS 5250 and NHBC requirements.

     *through the body of the material at 2,500Pa pressure

Protect VP400 Plus LR is both CE marked and BM TRADA Certified.